Why are We different

From the very beginning the general politic of ENDOMAK was, and it will continue in the future, focused towards changing the perspectives in dentistry and introducing new modern concepts. At the same time, we influenced the Macedonian dentistry applying new world’s, most sophisticated methods and techniques at the dental practice.

  • We are the first that introduced the MANAGING OF PATIENTS in Macedonia. We applied different types of forms as: MEDICAL HISTORY OF THE PATIENT, PATIENTS APPROVAL, DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY, their digitization and archiving in a special designed software on our own computers.
  • We are the first to implement precise WORKING PROTOCOLS to patients at different fields of dentistry, especially on great care to the INFECTION CONTROL.
  • We are first to present the TEETH WHITENING. We invested a lot bying state of the art technologies and materials in order to ensure the patients for the most safe bleaching system offering maximum whitening effect.
  • We are the first that introduced the AESTHETIC DENTISTRY as the newest field in world’s dentistry, and the terms HOLYWOOD SMILE and SMILE DESIGN. For that purpose we are THE ONLY ones that applied the DSD (Digital Smile Design) treatment bringing true visualization into focus for the patient, allowing them to see in real time the final result of the restoration before the dental treatment commences.
  • We are the first that brought and applied in Macedonia all the newest COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES for artificial teeth production.
  • We are the first that promoted the CERAMIC VENEERS as the world’s most modern and attractive correction of the smile.
  • We are the first that applied the RECOUNTURING and BONDING OF THE TEETH.
  • We are the first that introduced the DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY of teeth, implementing new technologies that ensured the patients’ safety from x-ray radiation.
  • We are the first that applied the 3D CBCT as a primary diagnostic tool in endodontics and oral surgery.
  • We are the first that raised the IMPLANTOLOGY at world’s top level. At the same time, and in order the patients and the dentists to be better informed and educated, we have made a special website called implantME.com where we present our work on a global level.
  • We are the first that implemented the PIEZO SURGERY that ensured the safety of the patients of whatever surgical trauma.
  • We are the first that applied the MICROSCOPIC ENDODONCY giving basic meaning of preserving the natural teeth.
  • We are the first that introduced the DENTAL TOURISM attracting and bringing patient from our neighboring countries and beyond.
  • We are UNIQUE by bringing world’s most famous EDUCATORS in order to perfect our team.
  • We are UNIQUE with our numerous PRINTED PUBLICATIONS as journals, books, fliers and professional public presentations in order to PROMOTE the world’s dentistry at us.
  • We are UNIQUE and recognizable with our original MARKETING.

Why are we different?

ENDOMAK is not just a brand. ENDOMAK is a leader!!! Many INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES and RECOGNITIONS support our statement, but for us the most important are the ones, coming up from our SATISFIED PATIENTS.