2D Digital radiovisiography

ENDOMAK supplied a unit for orthopantomography and digital x-ray picturing of the teeth. The advantages from this are:

  • 80 times lower exposition when picture taken
  • 50% lower radiation
  • Immediate digital reading on the computer without the need of waiting for classic development of the picture
  • The RVG picture can be immediately send by e-mail, to be copied on CD, to be printed at laser printer or to be generated and asked by need


ENDOMAK brings the DENTAL DIGITAL COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY for powerful, faster and easy 3D diagnostic and planing of the oral surgical treatments.

With only one scan the computer tomography includes all the anatomical structures from the upper
and lower jaw, including the area of the wisdom teeth and the TMJ enabling the dentist to have the
best possible field of view, which makes the approach and the treatment more easier for all of the oral surgical treatments, including the multiple implanting.

The exposition with the dental digital computer tomography is painless, without any negative effects and it is fast (only few seconds). You do not need appointment and to wait, and upon the patient request the image can be immediately transferred into a CD.
This 3D x-ray image is essential when applying Implants.